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Monday, December 19th, 2011

This is a Premium WordPress(WP) Plugin

Premium Meet The Team WordPress Plugin

The purpose of this plugin is to allow you to create a “Meet the Team/Partners” page for a website. This plugin makes it easy to create a Team Page to showcase your most important assets. There is also a Widget that allows for the display of the Team names and Category.

With Meet The Team plugin, you can pick different page layouts with photos, social media links, and display employee information.

Download it for $8


Some of the many features of the plugin allow you to:

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This plugin will be available shortly via CodeCanyon, but for right now, you can buy directly from the Author at a promotional price of $8 USD.

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Documentation Material


Once you purchase the plugin, you will receive a .zip file. Follow the next steps to activate the plugin:

Once the installation is completed and the plugin activated, you will see the following entry under the ‘plugins’ menu on the WP Admin

Add Data

To get started entering data, click on the ‘All Team Pages’ link on the left side of the WP Admin panel.

The ‘All Team Pages’ allows you to view all members already added, add new ones and create new categories.

Add new member

Add new from ‘All Team Pages’ menu, enter title as the name of the member. Then add the description. This will be the content shown on the page.

In order to display the image either full size or thumbnail, add a Featured Image to the post. See WordPress Featured Image support.

Other options for data input is under the ‘Meet the Team’ box. If the data is not entered, it won’t be displayed in the layout.

Add New Category

Click on ‘Categories’ from ‘All Team Pages’ menu to add new Meet The Team specific categories. Set the categories, so you can organize your member posts and filter either the list of members via shortcode or via the Meet the Team Widget. See Show in Post/Page or Widget Option sections below to find out how Categories can help you manager your team members/partners.


You can setup your Meet The Team plugin to display in different layouts. The plugin offers four different layout options with thumbnail and full pictures, social media links as icon or text and member information.

The Meet The Page Settings page looks like the following:

Each layout contains the following information:


Show in Post/Page

Shortcode allows you to display the list of members on your post. In order for you to display the meet the team page on your post/page, copy & paste the short code below:
This shortcode will display all the team members added to the site via the custom post type (‘mtt_page’).
Visit the ‘About Developer’ link on this site to view a live Demo of this plugin.

Category Shortcode Option

The shortcode has an attribute that allows you to filter the list of members on the page based on the Category selected for each individual. In order to filter by category, simply add the ‘category’ attribute to the shortcode with the category option selected. Let’s say
you want to display only the list of “Director”s on a page. For that follow the steps below:


Widget Option

The Meet the Team Widget offers you the option to display the list of team members on your selected post/page. You can add as many widgets as you would like. The widgets are located under the Appearance Menu/Widget for your theme.

The Meet The Team Widget offers a few options:

The widget for the director example would look like this:

Download it for $8